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B. Thompson

 I wanted to express my love and thanks to ANVOO and Adrian. He helped me when I was down and out and I’m forever grateful for it. I recently got of prison on December 2nd.


I had no money, no Identification for employment or needless to say, a shoulder to cry on. I called Adrian and he helped me get my driver’s license. Within a week of his much needed help I had a job. I was able to get in a halfway house, start work, and get the proper help that I needed. I’m forever grateful for ANVOO’s help because without y’all I would still be in major bind. 


ANVOO helped me receive the tools that I needed to get to where I am today. This program is essential, and I don’t know how I could ever repay the help that I received in my darkest times.  Thank God for Adrian and Thank God for ANVOO! I’m clean, have a job, and now I’m able to help people just the way that I was helped


Thank You,


Alabama Non-Violent Offenders Organization has helped me initiate the pursuit of a full pardon from the state of New Jersey after making an appointment and being processed into their program. I received an address and helpline number to start my petition for a pardon, and as of today I am still in correspondence with the state of New Jersey. I am grateful for the help and support from Alabama Non-Violent Offenders Organization.

Thank you.

Christopher L.

First and foremost, I would just like to express my upmost gratitude for the professionalism and expertise that Alabama Non-Violent Offenders have exercised towards establishing my professional stability. It is through their organization that I have gained the profound tutelage and mentorship needed for developing a successful career path. I have the most undeniable gratitude for their passion to see me succeed as well as imperative focus towards me obtaining Bachelors of Science Degree in Business Management with Minor in Marketing (from Athens State University in December 2014). Their substantial efforts have proven to be quite vital towards the improvement and development of non-violent offenders for rehabilitating themselves into society. I personally recommend their services to those particular individuals in need of direction for reestablishing themselves into society.

Darren W.

I have been a part of Alabama Non-violent Offenders Organization for the past six months now.


Mrs. Travis Muller is my counselor, and from the time I have spent with Mrs. Muller she has set up job interviews for me. She has also work with me on building resume and communication skill.


The program has also work on helping me get that Class C Felony off my record, so I can get a     good job. It’s been five years now, I made a mistake in life, and if it wasn’t for Mrs. Muller and the ANVOO program helped me get my life back together, I might be back in the drug world. I am so grateful that she and ANVOO took me in and told me to stay strong and you will prevail, she has always been there for me with any problem that I might have, I am very lucky to have a counselor that cares so much.


Thank you for all you have done for me,


I just want to thank Alabama Non-Violent Offenders Organization for their support and guidance in helping me get my voting rights restored, also with employment. Their passion for helping people is a true ministry. I [am] so grateful for this organization being here for me and others here in Huntsville, AL.

P.S. I could never say thank you enough.

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